Information Communication Technology
….It has become appallingly obvious that technology has exceeded humanity…
This program is tailored to provide you with a specific focus within a broader area of study. This involves training in Phone and Computer repairs, Website Design and Development , Networking, Desktop Publishing e.t.c you will become Specialized and be highly skilled after Completion of the program based on your choice.


The science or art of motion-picture photography and filming either electronically
Cinematography is the science or art of motion-picture photography and filming either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as film stock.

The essence of creating a modern-day cinematographer is to be able to create multiple individuals just in one person, this training gives any participant the edge to be able to produce, direct and also be able to also understand the technical operations on a production set.

Learning beyond the scope of handling cameras and light placement is what we offer in the school. We use industry-standard equipment to teach our student in a practical way. This course covers Basic and advances camera handling and imagery motion pictures.

At Crystal Entrepreneurship Centre, Cinematography students learn the professional techniques necessary to execute a real-world project. We make sure our student understands the language of visual as used in the television and web broadcasting sectors today.

Creating a modern-day cinematographer who understands the theory of the technicalities and also his physical experience from script to screen, creating an individual who can be effective from pre-production processes to the post-production process.
You will be learn how to edit films projects in a variety of narrative, music video and documentary genres and also learn the Basics of Find Your Inspiration and also Spend Time on Film Sets.

This is also for anyone who want to shoot better with their camera or make money by shooting videos. It is also for those who want to enhance their video production skills.



Start a lucrative career as an Hospitality Chef, Pastry chef, A baker or Events Caterer

Catering is the business of providing food from a restaurant or a catering service to a remote location. Caterers will bring food to hotels, public houses, wedding chapels, schools and other public locations.

You will the skills needed to understand the details necessary to successfully create a catering service. It will cover ideas like how to transport food safely, how to market and how to provide professional service.

You will learn various recreational and professional courses in Culinary and Confectionery Arts


In this course you will learn how to create garments, accessories and textile collections through sustainable driven and digitally enabled design.
You will learn how to use various forms of Machines for embroidery to embellish and enhance their garments, dyeing their own fabrics and yarns to create personalized colour combinations. You will carry out projects and competitions that will provide you with real time industry experience.
You will also learn Leather Works, Shoe & Bag Making, Beads & Wire Works, Fashion Designing and Sewing, Tie &Dye(Adire and Kampa), Akara Craft & Accessories


Makeup artistry is a job where practical skills are more important than theoretical knowledge….

There is a satisfaction that comes from using makeup to help people look their best or become characters far different from their usual selves. Makeup artists work in entertainment, theatre, television, film, retail stores and on their own.

There are different types of makeup jobs, including fashion makeup, bridal makeup, theatrical makeup, FX makeup, Beads and Wire works, Barbing etc. Each makeup job needs some common skills and some specific skills. If you want to become a cosmetologist Crystal Entrepreneurship Centre is ready to mould you to become one.
We would teach you to become Creative and deliver original work to maintain your credibility and Communication with clients, understanding their expectations, and delivering the best at all times.